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    Mini Excavator Rock Grab

    We have rock grab attachments suitable for mini excavators and can be hired with any machine to increase the effectiveness.

    Our hydraulic rocks grabs are ideal for jobs where you need to lift, move or shift any type of heavy material including rocks, trees, logs and other debris.

    Rock grabs are perfect for:

    • Placing rocks
    • Building rocks walls
    • Moving trees and logs
    • Lifting and shifting debris

    Rock grab features

    Rock grabs are highly versatile excavator attachments. They use the awesome hydraulic power of our mini excavators, which power the claws to open, close and grab on tight.

    This means we can deliver massive lifting capacity in the smallest spaces.

    Our excavator grapples feature:

    • Hydraulic lift control for precision driving
    • Awesome manoeuvrability in tight spaces
    • Wide opening grips to make grabbing easy
    • Five finger configuration for better grip strength
    • Unbeatable heavy lifting capacity

    Our rock grabs for hire include:

    • Geometrically balanced design.
    • Rugged inside edges can be added if required, for additional gripping ability in slippery conditions.
    • Strong and durable construction to withstand robust working conditions.
    • High quality materials & hydraulic cylinders.

    Our excavator rock grab attachments can be mounted on our 1.7 tonne and 3.5 tonne excavators, and make lifting and shifting a breeze.

    Hire an excavator rock grab attachment today

    We are tight access specialists. So include Mighty Mini Diggers rock grab hire in your search for a hydraulic grab for excavator.

    Or call Ryan on 0417 048 318 to discuss hydraulic rock grab hire today.

    Our rock grabs can be attached to any of our mini excavator hire range – so if you have excavator attachment hire needs – don’t hesitate to give us a call.

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