DIY dingo hire

Here's a few handy tips if you want to self operate a dingo digger.

Help With DIY Dingo Hire

We get a lot of calls from people wanting advice about DIY dingo hire. Naturally, our recommendation is to hire an experienced operator - such as Mighty Mini Diggers - to do the work for you. It will be quicker, easier, and often cheaper than going it alone. But if you do decide to DIY, these checklists should help.

Things to Ask the Plant Hire Company

  • Does the dingo hire price include free delivery and pick-up?
  • Does the dingo hire price include fuel?
  • What happens if the dingo digger breaks down?
  • Are you insured for operator error?
  • What are the penalties for late return of the dingo digger?
  • Are there additional costs for tools & attachments?
  • Is there a 4 in 1 bucket included with the dingo hire?
  • Is there any training provided?

Dingo Digger Pre-start Checklist


Always try to start the day with a full tank of fuel in your dingo digger.  Before you fill up make sure that the engine is turned off. And if you’ve just finished work make sure that it’s had time to cool down. Don’t overfill your dingo digger tank – around 60mm from top of fuel tank should do it.

Engine Oil

The age and condition of your dingo digger will impact on how much oil it uses. You should check the engine oil regularly to avoid damaging dingo hire machinery – we check ours daily as a matter of habit.

Air Filter

You’ll find the air filter labelled on dingo digger. After you’ve checked the engine oil, take a moment to remove the air filter elements and tap any loose material out of the main filter. This will help keep your dingo digger working at optimum levels.

Hoses & Fittings

Give the hoses and fittings on your dingo digger a quick once over. Keep an eye out for any damage, cracks or other issues and remove any loose dirt or debris.  If you find a problem, take it back to your dingo hire service centre and ask for a replacement.


Grab hold of the mount plate and give it a wriggle. If there is movement in the joints, the bushes probably need replacing. Ask your dingo hire service centre to check it out for you.


If you have a dingo digger with wheels, check the wheel nuts and the tyre pressure. The pressure requirement varies between models, so it's worth checking with you dingo hire service centre what's right for your dingo digger.