Dingo Hire Rates

For novice operators, self drive dingo hire can be more expensive than having it all done for you.

All Inclusive Dingo Hire With Operator

All our dingo diggers & mini excavators come with highly trained operators, so you won't have to worry about a thing. And our pricing is all-inclusive so there won't be any nasty extras blowing your budget.

As a guide, it will usually cost you a bit more than a weekend hire package to get one of our dingo hire trucks on site. You'll get a mini excavator plus a dingo digger with various attachments, and our guys will get the job done right, first time. It's a small price for peace of mind.

DIY Dingo Hire Prices

Mighty Mini Diggers don’t offer self drive dingo hire – but plenty of companies do.  If you’re not sure where to start, you could try Kennards – they have dingo hire centres across Melbourne.

A DIY dingo hire company would generally charge you:

  • Around $250 - $300 a day for a dingo digger (ideal for carting soil & other materials)
  • Around $300 - $400 a day for a mini excavator (ideal for digging dirt)
  • PLUS around $50 for each additional attachment such as a post hole digger or trencher
  • PLUS any fuel costs
  • PLUS delivery fees of around $70 each way if you need that option

Need help?

If you’re not sure which dingo hire option is best for you, just call Ryan on 0417 048 318.

We'll help you estimate how long your job will take. More than likely, you'll realise that it’s much better to hire our dingo digger drivers to do the work for you. No stress, no fuss.

Browse our mini excavators & dingo hire diggers, or call us for a quick price estimate on your all-inclusive mini excavator & dingo hire today.