Dingo Digger Size

We have the smallest dingo diggers around.

Our little diggers love tricky spaces

Our dingo mini diggers are mighty compact – perfect for home landscaping, swimming pool excavations,  renovations and other tricky earthmoving jobs. At 800mm - 1100mm wide, our dingo diggers move easily through the tightest spaces, guided by our experienced dingo hire operators.

We also have a micro mini excavator than can fit through an 820mm standard door.

The Kanga 'Maxi 8'  has enough grunt for the toughest conditions

The Kanga 'Maxi 8' dingo digger comes packed with power – and is regarded as the toughest in its class.  This mighty mini digger has a staggering 340kg lifting capacity backed by one tonne of brute force.

And high tensile tracks deliver increased control &  stability, so this little digger takes on steepest  terrain & the stickiest soil with ease.

  • Power: 18.5kW
  • Lift: 340kg
  • Weight: 1,042kg
  • Height: 1,370mm
  • Width: 1,045mm
  • Length: 2,280mm

The Kanga Kid goes where others just can't fit

This little loader is the smallest of its kind. But it still has more than enough horsepower to get the job done fast. And its quick hitch attachments deliver the ultimate in versatility. Where else would you find a dingo digger capable of shifting, carting, trenching, levelling that still fits through a standard door.

  • Power: 11.5kW
  • Lift: 100kg
  • Weight: 500kg
  • Height: 1,210mm
  • Width: 780mm
  • Length: 2,070mm