Post Hole Digger

Post Hole Auger Hire MelbourneTruely awesome auger drills. Digs post holes fast.

Post hole diggers & earth augers dig holes fast

We use the awesome hydraulic pressure of our mini excavators to drive our posthole digger. So we can dig wide, deep post holes in a jiffy.

  • The hydraulic pressure converts to high drive torque which then delivers tremendous power through the auger drill drive head
  • Our post hole digger is mounted on a mini excavator, so it can fit into tight spaces where tractor mounted post hole diggers can't go
  • It can dig all sorts and sizes of post holes

And with more than one tonne of weight behind it, this little baby packs plenty of grunt. More earthmoving grunt than most post hole diggers or auger drills around.

Our post hole digger fits in the trickiest places

Our post hole augers can dig holes ranging from 250mm to 600mm wide and up to 3.2m deep, and we have a special rock auger for drilling mudstone.

  • Standard post hole auger width:  250mm, 350mm, 450mm, 600mm
  • Mudstone auger width:  350mm, 450mm
  • Max depth at 1.1m access:  3.2m
  • Max depth at 800mm access:  2.1m

We can navigate spaces as narrow as 800mm, and can dig post holes over 2 metres deep in tough conditions. Imagine how long it would take you to dig that by hand.

Let our post hole diggers do the work for you

Our operators are experts at digging post holes. So include Mighty Mini Diggers in your post hole digger search. Or call Ryan on 0417 048 318 for a free quote on your post hole digger hire.