Kanga Kid

Kanga Kid Dingo DiggerWorld's smallest mini loader. 800mm wide.

Kanga Loader Rips It Up

Backyard excavations are easy with the Kanga Kid mini loader on hand. The super compact Kanga Kid is perfect for those hard to reach places, and can even fit through a standard door.

You need the Kanga Kid mini loader if you have less than 850mm access & you want to:

  • Move or cart soil
  • Level your frontyard, backyard or sideway
  • Clear small rocks & other debris
  • Spread & level topsoil
  • Cart or spread mulch, crushed rock & other garden materials

World's Smallest Mini Loader

The Kanga Kid loader is powered by a sturdy 16HP Vee Twin Honda engine, delivering plenty of horsepower to get the job done with ease. And its superior manoeuvrability & flexibility, allows us to navigate some of the most difficult spaces. It's so much better than a wheel barrow.

  • Power: 11.5kW
  • Lift: 100kg
  • Weight: 500kg
  • Height: 1,210mm
  • Width: 780mm
  • Length: 2,070mm

Get a Mini Excavator with Every Booking

If you also have some more serious digging to be done, don't worry. We'll also bring our super compact mini excavator to the job. We find our kanga mini diggers are great for moving soil but our excavators are better at digging, so we bring both on the one truck.

Book Your Kanga Loader Today

We have a great range of plant hire machinery. So include Mighty Mini Diggers in your earthmoving search or give Ryan a call on 0417 048 318 for a free quote on your mini kanga loader hire today.