Rock Drill

Rock DrillHeavy duty rock drills for tight access drilling.

Rock Drill Hire

We are Melbourne’s tight access rock drilling specialists. Our rock drills, core barrels and rock augers can fit through spaces as small as 1 metre wide, and can drill most fracturable rock including mudstone, shale, sandstone, siltstone, as well as some granites

Rock drills are perfect for drilling holes for:

  • Retaining walls
  • Stump holes
  • Post holes
  • Bored piers

Rock Drill Features

We mount Tebco’s heavy duty core barrels, rock augers and rocks drills on our compact excavators using an 8 – 12 tonne drill head. Tebco produce revolutionary custom made rock drills with the strength and versatility we need to tackle difficult sites. Our rock drills are mounted on our 1.7 tonne and 3.5 tonne excavators using an 8 – 12 tonne drill head, giving us the extra power we need to drill through tough rock.

Small hole rock drill available soon:

  • 25mm – 70mm wide holes
  • Up to 2 metres deep
  • Any type of rock or concrete
  • Ideal for expanding grout rock breaking or blasting contractors
  • Minimum access 1 metre

Rock auger drill:

  • 350mm & 450mm wide holes
  • Up to 4 metres deep
  • Most fracturable rock
  • Rotating bullet teeth
  • Minimum access 1 metre

Core barrel drill:

  • 450mm wide holes
  • Up to 4 metres deep
  • Most fracturable rock
  • Minimum access 1.3 metres

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