3.5T Mini Excavator

Mini Excavator 3.5T Yanmar 80x80Underrated for its size. Punches above its weight.

3.5 Tonne Mini Excavator 

When it comes to quality, performance and reliability, Yanmar compact excavators are second to none. We use the Yanmar 3.5 tonne excavator for all our larger work. This machine is underrated for its size with better lifting capacity and longer reach than a standard 3 tonne excavator. So if you're looking for 2 tonne, 3 tonne or 5 tonne excavator hire, this is the machine for you.

Key features of this awesome excavator include:

  • Strong 24.4hp diesel engine
  • True zero tail swing & centre swing boom
  • Extra deep digging capacity
  • Narrow track base for entering tight spaces

Great for Tight Access Rockworks

The Yanmar 3.5 Tonne Excavator packs plenty of grunt, but is still compact, so we can complete even the heftiest jobs with ease. This machine is ideal for tight access rock breaking and drilling, as well as deep trenches, postholes and more. All you need is 1.7m clear site access.

Our Yanmar 3.5 Tonne Excavator can dig post holes over 3m deep, grab and move large trees and rubble, and break and drill rock in places most diggers can’t go. The actual weight of the Yanmar 3.5 Tonne is heavier than you expect. This delivers better traction, superior lifting power, and allows for greater reach.

  • Weight: 4 tonne
  • Height: 2650 mm
  • Width: 1550 mm

Hire Our 3.5 Tonne Excavator Today

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