1T Micro Excavator

Micro Mini Excavator Hire MelbourneUltra compact. Fits through a standard door.

Incredibly small 1 tonne excavator

The super compact New Holland E10SR micro excavator takes on jobs that other machines just can't. It's retractable undercarriage shrinks to fit the tightest spaces while still delivering maximum power & stability, making it the perfect work horse for the tightest excavations.

  • Ultra narrow excavator for excavation works inside and under buildings
  • Zero tail swing means the counterweight will never extend beyond the tracks, allowing our micro excavator drivers to dig easily into corners, along walls and other hard to reach places
  • Rubber tracks reduce work site noise and minimise damage to asphalt, concrete or turf
  • Variable piston pumps adjust the hydraulic flow to the load, maximising engine power to deliver more strength & speed, which saves you valuable time & money

Trenches, post holes & other narrow excavations

Our New Holland micro excavator will go almost anywhere. At just 750mm wide, this very small excavator will fit through front doors, down most sideways and even into building lifts.

  • Weight: 1.1 tonne
  • Height: 1600 mm
  • Width: 750 mm

Our 1 tonne excavator operators are specialist operators. They know how to navigate tight spaces.

Easily fits through an 820mm doorway

Don't waste time trying to dig it yourself. Call Mighty Mini Diggers for very small excavator hire in Melbourne, and let us take the stress out of your next tricky excavation. We'd love to work for you.