Frequently Asked Questions

How wide is the dingo digger?

We have two mini dingo diggers for you to choose from.

Our Kanga Kid is 780m wide, and is best suited to super tight jobs where you just can't fit a bigger machine. It's a study little earthmover, perfect for moving soil and rubble that would otherwise have to be carted in a wheelbarrow.

Our Kanga Maxi 8 is ideal if you have a bit more wriggle room. We need at least 1.1m access for this gutsy mini digger, and it's worth making the extra room if you can. Weighing in at almost one tonne, we believe it's the best skid steer loader of its kind.

How wide is the mini excavator?

We also have two mini excavators for hire, one is pretty neat & compact while the other is teeny tiny.

Our 1.1 tonne New Holland E10SR micro mini excavator is just 750mm wide. We generally pair it with the Kanga Kid for those hard to reach places. It easily fits through an 820mm doorway, but still packs enough grunt to get the job done fast.

Our Yanmar 1.7 tonne zero swing mini excavator is only slightly wider at 950mm wide. But at 1.7 tonne, you have the kind of power that most mini diggers just can't beat. This machine is designed for digging, and is usally paired with our Kanga Maxi 8.

What is the difference between a kanga & a dingo digger?

Kanga and Dingo are just different brand names for compact skid steer loaders. We tend to prefer Kanga's range of mini diggers, as they have more power, and have proven very reliable over time. The lower the breakdown risk for us, means the better the service we can give you.

What suburbs do you cover?

We cover most metropolitan Melbourne suburbs (you can see the full list of Melbourne suburbs here).

Do you hire the machines without operators?

No, you always get an experienced operator when you hire earthmoving equipment from Mighty Mini Diggers.

How much to just hire a dingo?

We don't hire machinery on it's own. All our mini diggers come with experienced operators. As a rule of thumb, it would usually cost you around $250 - $300 to hire a dingo without any attachments, $300 - $350 to hire a dingo with a post hole digger, and $300 - $400 to hire a mini excavator for the day. Don't forget you will also need to pay for fuel and the cost of machine delivery (around $70 each way) if needed.

Do you have insurance?

Yes, we have full public liability insurance. However it is your responsibility to notify us of any risks or concerns including the location of services.